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ABOUT Hairizon Trading (Singapore) Private Limited

Company Profile

The One Stop Shop for Hair and Beauty Professionals since 1974

Set up in 1974, with a paid-up capital of SG$1 million, Hairizon quickly established ourselves as a leading importer-exporter and retailer of professional hair and beauty products and equipments based in Singapore. With more than 45 years experience, Hairizon is the trusted authorised distributor and dealer for renowned international professional hair and beauty brands.

We carry a wide range of quality hair and beauty products to suit your every need.

Exclusive Brands

Create Korea

CREATE (Korea): Flat Master, Ceramagic, Quick professional hair curling and straightening irons, digital wave and perming machines and hair processors, Gloss hair care products, Cuenic wave lotion, Sprix styling products [Parent]

Feather Japan
FEATHER (Japan): Double edge and straight edge professional hairdressing and shaving razors and blades [Parent]
Joewell Japan JOEWELL (Japan): Professional hairdressing scissors [Parent]
Artizta Professional ARTIZTA PROFESSIONAL: Professional hair color cream, straightening, perming, shampoo & conditioner, treatment, styling products
Hairizon Professional HAIRIZON PROFESSIONAL: Professional scalp shampoo & conditioner, straightening, perming, treatment, styling products
Formal Japan FORMAL (Japan): Hair tonic and color sprays

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