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Founded in 1917, the name JOEWELL Made in Japan is recognized by the professional hair stylists around the world as what represents the finest of Japanese-made high performance scissors. JOEWELL delivers products, which better match customer needs for more precise and consistent quality by using a uniform system from design consideration during new product development to standardization and quality control in the manufacturing process.

In order to accommodate every hand that holds scissors with varying designs, sizes and blade materials. The wide range of product-selectivity lets JOEWELL users to choose products best satisfy their tough requirements.

* Hairizon is the exclusive distributor for JOEWELL

Joewell 2011 New Hairdressing Cutting & Thinning Scissors NewContact us for information

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Junes x Joewell 2011 thinning scissors JTG-11G *Limited Edition

Joewell 2010 New Hairdressing Cutting & Thinning ScissorsContact us for information

      Made in Japan Made in Japan

* Viewing of Joewell scissors is by appointment only. Please call ahead to make an appointment*

We stock the complete range of JOEWELL scissors.

Joewell Supreme series *Premium*

Supreme SCC offset cutting scissors
Supreme SCS symmetric cutting scissors
Supreme SWT thinning scissors
Supreme SST thinning scissors
Supreme SGT thinning scissors
Supreme SNT thinining scissors

Joewell Craft series *Premium*

Joewell TR series

Joewell New Cobalt series

Joewell DLC Cobalt series

Joewell Cobalt series

Joewell Classic series

Joewell Slide & Dry series

Joewell R series

Joewell Thinning (Texturising) series

Joewell Thinning (Cutting) series

Joewell Convex SCX series

Joewell Left handed series

New Era NE50A/55A  
 Classic 45/50/55/60/65/70
 Classic PRO 450/500/550/600
 Classic PRO II 450/500/550/600
 C-ONE 50/55/60
 Cobalt 4500/5000/5500/6000
 Cobalt 5500F
 Black Cobalt 4.5"/5.0"/5.5"/6.0"
 Black Cobalt 5.5" F
 Convex CX500/550/600
 Convex GXL55/60
 Supreme SCS5000/5500
 Left Hand LF50/55
 Z II-55CX/60CX
 Convex ZX550/660
 Cyber Cobalt JCC55F/60F
 Cobalt Convex CCX550F/600F
 Thinner E30 (5.5") 30-tooth / Cut ratio 15-35%
 Thinner E40 (5.5") 40-tooth / Cut ratio 15-35%
 Thinner EF40 (5.5") 40-tooth with flat edge / Cut ratio 5-10%
 TX Texturising TX20 (5.5") 20-tooth / Cut ratio 10-20%
 GX Thinner GXF-40 (5.9") 40-tooth with flat edge / Cut ratio 5-10%
 GX Thinner GXT-30 (5.9") 30-tooth / Cut ratio ~15%
 GX Thinner GXT-40 (5.9") 40-tooth / Cut ratio ~35%
 GX Texturising GXG14 (5.9") 14-tooth / Cut ratio 30-60%
 GX Texturising GXG20 20-tooth / Cut ratio 10-20%
 R 50R/60R
 Craft CR-01F
 Supreme SCC5700F/6000F
 Cobalt Long 6700/7000

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