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Shampoo/ Conditioner


INFLITRATE Shampoo pH5.0 PopularContact us for information

Acid soap shampoo is gentle for your hands and for the environment. Hair protective ingredient such as keratin protein and salvia stabilized and make healthy condition.

Directions: Using a small amount of the product apply evenly over hair. Repeat if necessary. Rinse and apply Infiltrate Rinse.


INFLITRATE Rinse pH5.0 PopularContact us for information

Contained phospholipids and water holding capacity is high level. Keratin protein of you hair will be stabalized and make healty condition. Tighten cuticle and make your hair smooth.

Directions: Shampoo hair, apply Infiltrate Rinse and distribute evenly. Leave 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

INFLITRATE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

INFLITRATE Anti-Dandruff ShampooContact us for information


Perm / Volume / Straighten


Narcisse TG10 Hair Straightening CreamPopularContact us for information

Hair straightening cream from Japan that minimises damage to the hair while enhancing its silkiness and glossiness.

  • Narcisse TG10 blends TG, DTDG and systain. It doesn't damage hair while being an highly effective straightening cream. It enhances the beauty of hair and the straightened hair is silky and glossy.
  • Narcisse TG10 No. 1: Decrease damage to the hair. The blended quantity of TG reduces hair breakage.
  • Narcisse TG10 No. 2: The high concentration of TG ensures that even hard to handle frizzy and dry hair can be straightened.


  1. Shampoo hair and towel dry.
  2. Hair diagnosis
  3. For pre treatment, apply J Curl Active Cream to the whole of head of hair, warming up for 5-10mins by hair steamer. Dilute Form-A-Ring PPT Lotion in the ratio of 1:3 with water, apply it and comb.
  4. Apply Narcisse TG10 No.1 cream to cover the whole head of the hair, 1.5 cm away from the root of the hair and comb the hair using a rough comb, taking care not to pull the hair.
  5. After wrapping the hair, warm for 20 mins at about 45°C.
  6. Check softness. If necessary, warm for an additional 20 mins.
  7. Rinse well using tepid water.
  8. Apply moist spray of Form-A-Ring PPT Lotion by 3 times dilution and comb. Without rinsing out, blow dry to about 90% dry in case of the healthy hair, or 95%~100% in case of the damaged hair.
  9. Hair straightener flat iron handling. Stretch from the root of the hair at about 180°C.
  10. Apply water moist spray.
  11. Application of Narcisse TG10 No. 2 cream. Follow the same steps as applying No.1 cream. Leave on for 10mins under the normal temperature.
  12. Rinse well with tepid water.
  13. For after treatment, apply Infiltrate treatment pH5.0.
  14. Rinse out and towel dry.
  15. Finish style by hair straightener flat iron handling at about 80°C~100°C.
Clinitive Style Essence

Clinitive Style Essence 250mlContact us for information


INFLITRATE Mega Wave 400mlContact us for information

Natural curl products containing cysteamine substance and moisturizing wavey blend of hair can be create firmly.

Directions: Shampoo hair and towel blot. Evenly apply form-a-ring PPT emulsion to damaged hair. Dry 90% by dryer and apply solution#1. Roll the rods and leave it for 20-25mins for normal hair and 15-20mins for damaged hair. Do a curl test and rinse with tepid water. Apply solution#2 for 10-15mins. Rinse throughly and style as desired.


Reims Pink Lotion No 1 and No 2, 420ml 420mlContact us for information

Fru Full Wet Color Remover

Fru Full Wet Color Remover 130mlContact us for information




INFLITRATE Treatment pH5.0Contact us for information

Treatment pH5.0 repairs and coats the damaged and porosity hair to health. It also protects cuticle and cortex layer so as to prevent the hair from heat and keep the hair soft and healthy.

Directions: After Infiltrate Shampoo, apply it on damp hair and distributing if from roots to ends. Leave it for 3-6mins and rinse out.


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