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Hot Heated Slimming Blanket


AAA Bioslim 5 zone Warm BlanketContact us for information

Bioslim is a 5 heating zones thermal blanket with different heating density which acts effectively on the different parts of the body and treat; normally on the bust, strongly on the hips and thighs, moderately on the leg. The microprocessor-piloted control unit program can be changed by user at any time. Bioslim is a hygienic treatment for gentle relaxation.

5 zone blanket with foot cover & inflatable cushion

Dimensions: 1.70 x 1.80 m

Power: 250W

Voltage: 240V


AAA Thalaslim 2 zone Warm BlanketContact us for information

Thalaslim is the 2 section blanket in the beauty/SPA field. The 2 zones have different sizes. A large section which covers from chest to knees is especially fitted for seaweed wraps. This aids the penetration into the skin of the oligo-elements present in the algae. A small section which cover the legs is designed to promote comfort and well-being. The section can be switched off independently if varicous veins are present.

2 zones blanket

Dimensions: 1.54 x 1.70 m

Power: 250W

Voltage: 240V

Directions of use: Adjust the power of the switch to position 2 (full power). For the legs zone, press the switch on 1. The blanket must be folded in 3 parts on lengthwise. Recommended pre-warming time is 10mins. After heating up and when the person is laid on, adjust the power to suit him/her according to the type of treatment being used. Before finishing, switch off the Thalaslim (position 0).

Heating Mask

AAA Heating maskContact us for information

The heating mask Heatmask restores vitality and tonicity to all kinds of skin. It optimises the active constituents of care products. It also make easier the elimination of toxins off the skin and activates the microcirculation. Made in Italy Made in Italy

Power: 15W

Voltage: 240V

Directions of use: Heating mask has to be pre-warmed on position 2 (full power) for 10mins. While pre-warming, the aesthetician lays down on the client's face a disposable paper mask permeated with cosmetics suitable for the client's care. After pre-warming, heating mask is laid flat and the pad pressed with the springy rubbers. Switch is then put on position 1 (half power) for the duration of the care. After use, switch off the heating mask (position 0) and clean the mask.


Solis 920-34 Warm Blanket Contact us for information

Benefits: Comfort, convenience, cost savings

  • Supplies heat to sore muscles, relaxes the tissue and alleviates pain and discomfort, relieve aches and increase the blood flow to muscles and joints. Especially useful for sufferers of rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Improve your quality of sleep by setting the right temperature for yourself. Perfect for use in centrally heated environments in cold countries.
  • Heated blanket helps reduce bed moisture, eliminating the need for antibacterial treatment, extending your mattress' useful life, making your sleeping place healthier and drier.


  • 2 step switch (25 and 50W)
  • Reversible cover
  • Made in Switzerland Made in Switzerland

Dimensions: 150cm x 80cm

Power: 50W

Voltage: 230V


Imetec Warm Blanket 2034 Contact us for information

Made in Italy Made in Italy


Imetec Warm Blanket 2041 Contact us for information

Made in Italy Made in Italy


Taiwan Warm BlanketContact us for information



Hot massage stone heater 18qts

MS2 Hot Massage Stone Heater 18QT, 1450WContact us for information

Capacity: 18qts
Power: 1450W

Thrive 717A Massager

Thrive 717A MassagerContact us for information

This massager combines a vertical motion with an irregular rotary motion which raises massaging effects. This product can clear blood vessels, the twigs of the capillary vessels in particular. Blood circulation will be promoted immediately and vibration relives your muscle from fatigue, for beautiful and firm skin. 3 interchangeable heads soothe all areas of the body and vibrating massage. Speed 2500rpm – 3800rpm. Made in Japan Made in Japan

Power: 20W

Voltage: AC 50/60Hz

Weight: 1.4 kg

Directions of use: Place a device as you desire on the massager machine and turn on the switch. It is recommended to apply cream before massaging of the face. If massaging the sole, place a mat on the floor and lay the massager upside down on the mat. Then put your sole on the massager to massage. Turn off the switch after use and clear the device thoroughly.

MC-2 Low Frequency Slimming Machine

MC-2 Low Frequency Slimming MachineContact us for information

Make use of the rhythmic vibration of low frequency to achieve the effects of removing extra fat and reducing the weight all over the body

Dimensions: (L) 250 x (W) 400 x (H) 95mm

Power: 12 W

Weight: 7.5 kg




No 168 Slimming Sauna SetContact us for information

Made of water-proof canvas, completely disinfected. Supporting frame is made of heavy iron pipes in high quality baked white paint, knockdown packing. Has two vertical adjustable seat heights.

Dimensions: 80 x 62 x 120 cm


Slim Beauty Sauna SetContact us for information

Portable, space-free, comfortable and excellent thermal effect. Real whole body domes with safety control box. Easy to operate, assembly free.

Dimensions: 184 x 76 x 40 cm

Steam Capsule

WB-1009 Steam CapulseContact us for information

Dimensions : 1100 x 660 x 1310 mm

Steam Capsule

WB-2017 Steam CapsuleContact us for information

Dimensions: 1260 x 750 x 1200 mm

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