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Salon Furniture


Furniture for Hair Salons, Quick Cut

9035-001-V Styling Chair
32805CH-9-47BF Shampoo Basin Bed Set
2600A-01-065 Air Pump Stool
9193D-001 Baby Stool
Styling Chairs Shampoo Basins Cutting Stools Baby Booster Seats
ST-64/PL hair trolley
2515B-001 Mirror Workstation
Sign Pole
Hair Trolleys Mirror Workstations LED Sign Lights  

Furniture for Makeup, Eyebrow Threading and Waxing parlours

2201N-045 multiple chair

Threading Chairs Artist Makeup Chairs    

Furniture for Men's Barber Shops

31307I-132 barber chair
Sign Pole
Barber Chairs Barber Sign Poles  

Furniture for Aesthetic Clinics, Spa & Beauty Salons

54422C-EO electric treatment bed
3556A-III-061-HD Hydraulic Massage Bed
3558DL-009 Facial Massage Bed EFH3733-II-009-L heated bed
Electric Treatment Beds Hydraulic Treatment Beds Facial and Massage Beds Heated Beds
MT323A-II-2D-000 stainless steel instrument trolley
2703G-009 beauty trolley
Medical Trolleys Facial Trolleys    

Furniture for Massage Parlours, Foot Reflexology, TCM & Tattoo Shops

3728D-001 Monkey Massage Chair
3728G-A-001 Tattoo Chair
WA-II-061-XL wooden bed
Monkey Chairs Tattoo Chairs Electric Foot Reflexology Chairs Wooden Massage Beds

Furniture for Nail Salons

APS02-06-EO Spa Electric Pedicure Set
PSA-4-009 Pedicure Sink
PFR-02-01 pedicure foot rest
Manicure Table
Electric Pedicure Stations Pedicure Sinks Pedicure Foot Rests & Trolleys Manicure Tables & Trolleys

General Furniture

2601A-02-047 Air Pump Stool
2750AA-001 Hair Trolley
2515B-001 Mirror Workstation
RC-02 reception counter
Stools Trolleys Mirror Workstations Reception Counters

Accessories for Salon Furniture

Fitting for porcelain sink R3 Base for Stool  
Accessories for Chairs Accessories for Shampoo Basins Accessories for Stools

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